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5 Fun Dog-Friendly Activities in Ontario

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

With the weather getting nicer and the nights getting longer, it is the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors. The lingering question is what can I do and also bring my dog?

We have compiled some dog-friendly activities you can do in Ontario.

This dog park could be one of the best in the Simcoe area. Not only is it beautiful and well maintained, but it is huge and also has a gated-off area for smaller dogs.

You can find this dog park located within Scanlon Creek Conservation Area. The entrance is a little hard to find but it is located at 3281 Yonge Street, also known as County Road 4. Keep in mind you also have to pay for parking, but it is worth it. Take a 1-minute walk down a beautiful scenic path and you and your dog can enjoy a play day outside.

If you are in a walking mood, feel free to grab the leash and take a walk through the conservation. It is a great workout that you and your dog will love.

And of course, please follow all park rules during your visit.

It's patio season and instead of leaving your fur baby at home, why not bring them along for the fun? Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery, located in Barrie, Ontario is a brewpub that dishes out amazing drinks and delicious food. Best of all, your dog is allowed on the patio and will get a tasty water bowl of their own!

If you are looking for more dog-friendly restaurants in your area, click here!

This isn't your normal off-leash dog park, it is a beach! Here your dog is allowed to trot along the beach and dip their paws in the water. Located in Toronto, it is a great day trip that your pup will love!

This place can be described as a dog sanctuary in the middle of downtown, Toronto. Just bring a beach towel and some snacks and enjoy a beautiful day at the beach for you and your dog!

For more information about Cherry Beach, Click here!

Niagara Falls Wine Tour

Are you looking to visit Niagara-On-The-Lake and go wine tasting, but want to bring your best friend (aka your dog)? We have some great news - there are plenty of wineries that are dog-friendly!

Here are 5 wineries that are dog-friendly:

If the winery you love isn't on this list, simply give them a call and ask! You will be surprised at how many other locations will welcome your dog with open arms.

If you are staying over, we suggest booking a pet-friendly Airbnb. You can easily filter pet-friendly options in the area you are looking.

This is where a golfer's dream becomes a reality. This golf course is dog-friendly, how amazing is that! Now you can have your dog as your ball boy or girl! Talk about a perfect activity that you can do with your dog.

Learn more about Muskoka Highlands and how to book a tee time here!

If all these activities aren't on your to-do list that day, no worries! Drop your dog off at Bobby Doggy Daycare and enjoy some human-only events. We will make sure your pup is happy and healthy while you are out!

Interested in learning more about our dog services? Contact us today!

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